CD, DVD & Video Game Repair

The library has a disc cleaning machine that can be used to repair scratched or dirty CDs, DVDs, and video games. In addition to using this machine to repair the library's discs, patrons are welcome to bring in their damaged discs to have them cleaned and/or repaired. Please note that not all damaged discs can be restored to "like new" condition and that, in certain circumstances, the repair process can lead to further damage of the disc. In general, however, the machine does an excellent job of bringing discs back to life that no longer play smoothly. A $2 donation per disc is recommended to offset the cost of the repair process.

Please view and complete the library's Disc Cleaning and Repair Policy before bringing your damaged disc(s) to the library to be repaired. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail when your discs are ready for pickup.