Early Literacy Learning Center

The importance of early learning and early literacy skills is difficult to overstate. The first few years of a child’s life are critical for their long term development and success in later learning. Children do an enormous amount of learning before they start school starting from the moment they are born. Unlike older kids who are focused on reading and classroom learning, babies and toddlers learn by exploring their world. They need things to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and, yes, even chew. The Library's Early Literacy Place Space is a place where this sort of learning is encouraged and celebrated.


Baby Playspace


Our baby playspace is designed to allow our youngest patrons, aged 0-2, to get out of their car seats and explore the library in a safe, age appropriate manner. In this space you will find board books, mirrors and wall mounted interactive games. This space is perfect for playdates, supervised visits and rainy day fun.






Early Literacy Diner

The newest feature to our Playspace is our Early Literacy Center. This two story diner is intended to capture the imagination of 2-8 year olds, while practicing the six Early Literacy skills as identified by Every Child Ready to Read.

These skills include:

Narrative Skills - telling stories and engaging in pretend play.
Letter Knowledge - Being able to identify letters in their name, on signs and packages.
Print Awareness - Knowing that books are read top to bottom and left to right.
Phonological Awareness - Being able to hear the different sounds inside words, songs and rhymes.
Print Motivation - Enjoy reading and being read to.
Vocabulary - Learn specific names of items.

From the five letters, L-M-N-O-P, that encircle the diner down to the pretend menus kids use to order their food, each element of the Early Literacy Center reinforces and important early literacy skill.

The Early Literacy Center was made possible through a generous donation from the Marjorie Geib estate.



Ticket Booth

The ticket booth includes:

    -Two touchscreen AWE learning computers for children.
    -One computer workstation for caregivers so they can get their work done.
    -A selection of children's magazines.
    -A number of interactive learning and play experiences which will be expanded over time.

Join us for fun and learning in the playspace and be on the lookout for exciting new changes as the area develops and expands.

Playspace Rules
  • This area has been designed for children.
  • Baby Playspace 0-2 yrs. old.
  • Early Literacy Diner 2-8 yrs. old.
  • Use of the playspace area is at your own risk.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Please use equipment safely at all times.
  • Please no climbing on furniture, cabinets and railings.
  • Please no climbing or standing on outside of equipment.