Living Legacy Foundation

Perrysville 24-Hour Library Project

The 24-Hour Library Project will allow the Loudonville Public Library to provide 24/7 library and free Internet access to the residents of the Perrysville area. The 24-Hour Library will be located at the Green TWP/Perrysville Fire Department in Perrysville, OH. The Living Legacy Foundation of the Loudonville Public Library has raised over $180,000 to make the purchase and installation the 24-Hour Library possible.


You can make a financial contribution that:

  • Designates support for a specific program or services using the interest, not the principal;
  • Supports a wide range of programs or services by using only the income from the gift;
  • Memorializes a loved one for a specific or wide range of services in a designated or undesignated fund; or
  • Supports the general fund to meet specific needs.

Every gift is important. You choose the method that meets your interests and you feel will be best for the library.


The Board of Trustees of the Living Legacy Foundation volunteer their time and are responsible for the promotion and solicitation of gifts, management and investment of funds and the distribution of funds as desired by you. They all live in the community and are committed¬†to the library’s mission.

Benefits of Your Gift

Gifts to the Living Legacy Foundation allow you to make financial commitments to the library not only for today but in the future. When you make a donation to the library, you help assure that children for generations to come will also have a chance to get a library card and explore the world through books and various methods of technology.


To make a gift to the library you can give:

  • Cash
  • Will/trust bequests
  • Life Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • Retirement funds


An easy way to make a bequest to the library is through a designation in your will or trust.

You can designate a gift in a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate that you own at the time of your death to be given to the Living Legacy Foundation.

Your estate planning professional can help you determine the gift that will help secure the library for the future.


When you make a gift to the foundation, a 501(3)(c) organization, you may help reduce your taxes while making an investment in the library. Your philanthropic gesture carries on the tradition of support for an institution that is a valuable resource for young and old alike. Your gift helps sustain and grow the library.